Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Product placement with police forces

GOLD COMMAND worked with company X (a large supplier to the  education sector) having identified that their software and hardware products  may be of benefit to the Police Service. GOLD COMMAND assisted in identifying Forces in the UK to place their products. 

Working with the company GOLD COMMAND then approached the Home Office, ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers), HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary) and NPIA (National Policing Improvement Agency) who agreed to form a working group to evaluate the potential for the products. We then approached academics who undertook research within several Police Forces within the UK.

GOLD COMMAND facilitated and arranged for academics to visit these forces including Police Service of Northern Ireland and speak to operational officers. Once the research had been completed, GOLD COMMAND using our specialist Police  and Security marketing manager, wrote articles that were included within the Police Review and Professional magazines. As a result of our collaboration  with the company the products are mass sold and lucrative training contracts  have been undertaken with most Police Forces in Britain.

Case Study 2 -  Marketing drug-testing equipment

GOLD COMMAND were approached by Company A, a small medium sized firm supplying drug testing equipment to charities within the UK. Using  our specialist knowledge of that sector we assisted the company in marketing the products and company name. We then approached and visited the Home Office Scientific Development Branch, UK Prisons, Drug Action Teams in the UK and various other organisations. At the same time a concerted effort was made to market the company name at major exhibitions. Through our media and marketing  manager we negotiated special rates (up to 75% discount) to place adverts in major > magazines. Sales rocketed and the company are now a major force within the > Criminal Justice Drug Testing sector.  

Case Study 3 - Winning contracts for clients

This company were acting as Security and Business Development advisors to company B – an international group of loss adjusters. Using our experience within Operation GRAFTON countering UK Airport Cargo crime (our Managing Director formed part of the Gold and Strategic groups at New Scotland  Yard) we introduced the company to various underwriters within Lloyds where we have tremendous contacts within specie, cash in transit and fine art sectors. 

Our clients were after a lucrative contract with a household named perfume company that were suffering major losses within the distribution network and with counterfeit products. GOLD COMMAND attended the meeting with the client  and the Lloyds Underwriter advised them on our expertise and procedures. Our  clients were thus awarded a lucrative contract.



Gold Command were tasked by a government agency to travel overseas and undertake a TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) of property.

Our experienced millitary experts spent 2 days searching the premises which were held for high powered discussions. The report and it’s findings were sent to the agency concerned.