Using vastly experienced former Police Detectives and Intelligence analysts we will interview witnesses and suspects and conduct other such enquiries in order to investigate thefts and other incidents that affect our clients.

We will liaise with the police and insurance companies.

If required by the client, we will liaise with the police and insurance companies. On previous investigations, to reduce inconvenience, we have arranged, wherever possible at the client’s request, to undertake the investigation and pass our statements and information to the poice.

Please note, this will only be done with the client’s permission and in come cases we supply evidence that allows the client to dismiss offending parties.


Security Consultancy


We offer a retained service advising you, your family and business on security matters thus reducing opportunities for criminals to target you.  
Security Services


We will survey your home and business and lifestyle in order to advise you on vulnerable areas that maybe exploited by criminals.
Supply and Installation of CCTV, Alarms, Safes and other Security Solutions
  • Alarms, locks and CCTV by nationally accredited, police approved technicians to NSI Gold Standard or equivalent
  • Cash and jewellery Safes made in Britain to ISO standards and approved by the British Insurance industry
  • Gates, railings & security fencing, including Anti-climb paint
  • Top quality vehicle anti-theft systems and Tracker systems

  • Industrial fencing and access control and industrial CCTV (Factory, Airport)
Vetting Services


Reducing the Threat from Within! Are your children, family and possessions at risk? You may have alarms cameras and security locks but what about persons that work at your home and business?  As well as conducting criminal record employment and other background checks on potential employees we will carry out further interviews and checks in order to reduce the risks to you your family and business. See case study.


Who is accessing your e mails to obtain private and confidential information about you?

Who is transferring your money unlawfully to their account or third party?

Our specialist IT technicians can assist you in reducing and detecting unlawful transfer of monies.

We can also detect the unlawful access to “risk web sites” and the ability to recover data from the hard drive.



Our specialist technicians will use the state of the art equipment to
ascertain whether competitors, blackmailers etc. have placed covert listening or video devices in your property.

We also check telephone lines, handsets, and other electrical items to discover who maybe unlawfully listening to your private conversations and activities.



We have vast experience working with major insurance companies, investigating claims of loss recognising the balance of the client and the insurance company.

We undertake a thorough, in depth review of the circumstances obtaining statements that can be used in a court of law. We make recommendations in order to prevent further loss.

Major Loss Investigations


Using our vastly experienced team of investigators and forensic experts, we undertake a thorough and in depth review of the circumstances relating to the claim.


Local Authorities Investigations


Using our professional and experienced investigators who have in depth experience of local authority and social care services, we undertake a review of the circumstances in question, interview where necessary and take statements from witnesses. Thus providing comprehensive reports which allow senior managers to make decisions in relation to the complaint and improving work place practices.

Family Group Conference, Conflict Resolution, Restorative Justice


We offer a comprehensive and professional in house service with trained experts who are confidential, discreet and empathic. Family Group Conferencing and Restorative Justice enables families to problem solve successfully within their networks and our in house experts have completed many with just such a successful outcome.